Learn more about Spoons Of Salt and how your support is so important.

What Makes Spoons Of Salt So Special?

We have so many things that we are doing to help those with Dysautonomia or POTS (any invisible illness, really).

From helping to obtain a handicapped parking pass to ultimately being able to put donations towards finding a cure for POTS, we are here to help, whatever the problem might be.

Why Should You Support SOS?

You’re probably thinking how is a POTS support group going to help more than a normal support group? It means so much to the POTS patient to be around others with dysautonomia, too. Just the sense of community we are providing is a wonderful tool for anyone struggling. Everyone knows how hard it was for everyone to get there and respect each other for it.

People who have POTS, or any invisible illness, have to go through a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically. To try to describe the feeling or emotion to someone who’s never experienced it is way harder than one would think.

Spoons of Salt is a support group that will not tolerate guilt from you due to your illness. We do not expect an excuse as to why you can’t make it to a meeting, because we know. We’ve been there, done that- and can relate.

Since POTS symptoms can range from not many symptoms and people still being able to live their lives almost normally, to people who are completely disabled and mainly bound to a wheelchair. Due to this, some of the individuals are unable to work. Some are awaiting disability and cannot work in the meantime. The waiting period for disability is ridiculously long and they try to find any reason to deny you. Most people don’t get approved until their second time applying.

Disability takes an average of 6-8 months to get approved, and almost none of them get approved the first time and even have to get an attorney involved.

As you can see, there are a lot of expenses to getting these things done and it’s even more difficult when you’re awaiting disability and are too sick to work. These expenses don’t include other things needed. Such as, vouchers for ride sharing/bus ride to appointments. Most of the people with POTS do not drive, so depending on where they live and how they get around, they may even need someone to help them, and that costs for gas money.

There are plenty of things to spend donations on to assist in the betterment of those with POTS, but the ultimate reason to support us is that we are also a nonprofit organization that aims to help other people in the community find their “Balance” once being diagnosed. It really does change your entire life and every single aspect of the world you live in if you are living with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.